Can Salon Potential HELP?
Thomas Phillips Software Developer and Hair DresserI'm sure you can think of times where someone or something didn't help and some times where you tried to help and were not successful. This can be a little upsetting as I'm sure you will agree. We understand that you may have had this experience before. Just looking over this can help you to see things in their proper perspective.
Can Salon Potential give you back CONTROL?
Salon Potential is a tool. People sometimes get funny ideas about control, but if you think for a moment about driving your car. Your car doesn't drive very safely if you don't control it. If you look over the idea of control you will realize that it's only the times that you have been controlled badly that you objected to. Salon Potential will put you in good control of your salon. Look over this for a moment and see if you think that better control would be a good thing for your salon and you.
Putting you in COMMUNICATION with your customers.
Now that you have done these first steps you are ready to hear the best part. Have you ever been to a salon or business and felt comfortable and at home? This is because the salon was warm and that the salon paid attention to communication. A salon that sincerely COMMUNICATES attracts loyal customers. Think this over for a minute. Salon Potential is a tool to INCREASE COMMUNICATION with your customers. They will want to come back without EFFORT because you are in good communication with them.

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