Detailed Questions and Answers about Salon Potential.
We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about salon potential software.  If your question is not answered here please contact us


Question: What can the program do that I can’t? 

Answer.. Nothing! - if you have MONTHS OF SPARE TIME and a photographic memory. This system WILL give you ANSWERS from every department much faster than you had thought possible, all at the click of a mouse.


 Also instead of spending hours getting information together or just being confused and relying on memory, hearsay and others options. You spend the time analysing the real Salon figures and managing & marketing your salon more easily and a great deal better. Because YOU will know the answers.  For example: How many new clients you had last week, month or over whatever period you request. How many clients a staff member did. ...and so on.   (Knowledge is power and control).


But best of all you have instant promotions, which work, when & where you need them. 




Please ask for the fully working trial CD and see for yourself.




Question:  Why should I invest in Salon Potential? 

Answer.. Well, firstly it will make you money and improve your bottom line. See what users say. Also read About Salon Potential


One of our clients recently told us that her salon is now taking

$34000 per month. Now before you get overwhelmed at this figure, realize that she achieved this over many years - about 5 years. She acknowledges Salon Potential as a key part of her success.


We don't know exactly how successful you will be personally. We are not so naive to promise you that it will not take work and working with the program, but we can definitely state - without reservation - that our clients have become more successful through putting Salon Potential to work in their salons.


Will Run On All computers and Laptops with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10








Question: Why is this system so widely used & accepted by salon owners ? 


Answer... It is very simple to use and very reliable. The total design and each report option has been developed to over‑come some problem or question that needed to be answered, that the designer (salon owner) or one of the 1,300 plus users have encountered in managing & marketing their salons. (This system has been in use in salons since 1984. Though it has changed over the years the original simplicity and detailed reporting has been improved and has been carried through to the very latest version )




Question: How many staff do I need? 


Answer.. The system is currently working in salons with an owner & 1 staff up to 25 staff and in all cases is more than paying for itself.



Question: I have never used a computer before and none of my staff have either.  Will we need any special training to operate the software? 


Answer.. Not really. If you can type even with one finger on a typewriter, then you can operate the system as it works by numbers or mouse. We ship completely set up computer systems all over Australia. All you do is plug them in. If you can load and work the trial CD you can use the software.  Software has on line help on all major points of the package. System we build are loaded and fully set up see Computer System packages on the web site, for details



Question: Can I just purchase the Software for my computer?


Answer.. Yes. Please try the fully working trial CD and see for yourself.. I'm sure you will find everything you need.. Then call  and I will tell you what you need to do


Question: Does the program have an appointment book system?


Answer.. Yes. You have the choice of two types. Try them both out and select the one you prefer.




Question: Does the appointment book system mark out time for appointments?


Answer.. Yes. 


Question: Does the appointment book system colour code services?


Answer.. Yes. 


Question: Do I have to use the  appointment book if I do not wish to?


Answer.. No you do not have to use the appointment book section, if you do not wish to.



Question: Does the appointment book system mark out staff rosters?


Answer.. No. Not at the moment or up to the first release of Version 12 series, we are looking at that and many other requests for future updates. 



Question: Can I access the Program for another location or after hours?


Answer.. Yes. Quite a lot of users actually do that and they use PC Anywhere and other programs that offer the ability to connect over the Internet.  Currently the program is single users so the staff can not use it when you go on line so is best done after hours.



Question: Can reports off the program be sent to my office?


Answer.. Yes.  All reports can be emailed to where ever you like.



Question: Can I send SMSes to my clients?


Answer.. Yes. By over 30 selections 



Question: Can I send email to clients?


Answer.. Yes.  Same as letters - SMS- Envelopes - Labels.



Question: Can I attach photos or promotions to my emails out of the system?


Answer. No. Not on the current version but we are looking into it. Please check with Salon Potential if this feature has been released. contact us 




Question: Can I set of packages of services & retail for clients to purchase?


Answer.. Yes. See demo CD for details.




Question: Can I sell Gift Vouchers to my clients & record them?


Answer.. Yes. See demo CD for details.



Question: If I make a mistake in and entry is it possible to correct  this mistake/


Answer.. Yes. See demo CD for details.




Question: If I have a question how do I get it answered?


Answer.. You call the support line number or email support at contact us . Also I was a salon owner for to many years to remember so some questions are not so much on computer support it can be. 



Question: Do you keep in touch with me once I have paid for the program?


Answer.. Yes. That's what support line is all about. You receive emails & ideas and even emails on sections of the program. For example we have a Q&A News Email going that come about simply by that fact that if a number of users as a question about a section of the program, I write a report with details and email it to all support line members. Also there is a support line members area on the web site that is building a great deal of information open to support line members. Accessed by password entry only, to valid SUPPORTLINE club members..



Question: If I have some report or option I would like developed, do you offer that service?

Answer.. Yes & No. The program keeps developing because we run a wish list system. How this works is everyone can put forward ideas and these go on the wish list system when enough users are requesting similar request this is the area we then develop the next upgrade one.   You will note that we have Major Upgrades and Mini Upgrades. Major upgrades are  brought about when a great deal of  improvements are released and Mini upgrades are when small but important changes are released and I feel that you will benefit from these improvements and do not have to wait months for them to be released. Example from version 11.09 serves to the Major release version 12 was around 6 months of work and thousands of hours in testing. So some time I feel it is better and more benefit to users to release a Mini Upgrade so you can benefit  from improvements instantaneously. 





Question: Can I run more than one salon from the one computer?  


Answer.. Yes. Up to 4 salons off one computer. Actually when you receive the software it comes with four (4) separate data bases. ( currently have a salon chain with 9 salons using it)



Question: How many clients can the computer store ? 


Answer.. One million (1,000,000 plus). ( The  number is depending on size of your computer hard disk) The Software is designed to take one million clients



 Question: Do all clients have chemical history or notes? 


Answer. Yes (Unlimited amount per client) What ever you wish to type in the notes field.  Actually you have 2 sections for keeping notes on each client. One for chemical or service notes & the other for personal notes



Question: What information can I keep on each client ? 


Answer. Name, address,  telephone, sex, work‑type, service type, future service interests, last operator, last services, number of visits, $'s spent & chemical history, etc. etc.  See and try the trial demo CD for a full understanding and reports offered on client information.




Question: How long does it take a one finger typist to enter all the client information ? 


Answer. It  takes less than 60 seconds for the inexperienced  but as you get used to it  you can enter Clients in only a few seconds.




Question: Can I enter all my old client card details into the system. 


Answer... Yes ( One new user added 1,500 in a weekend as it is very easy to enter client details) Then you can run the client  Duplicate report to check for duplicate entries.


Question: What if my operators can't spell a clients name? 


Answer...  The computer searches for the name nearest the name entered and shows you the 12 nearest names for you to  select  the correct Client. You can search for clients by FIRST NAME – SURNAME or UNIQUE client number.




Question: Will it tell me if clients are unhappy with an operator or a service? 


Answer...  Yes. There is very many different reports that inform you on these areas. That is why the system was developed, To keep me informed about my salon the entire time even on my days off.



Question: How many stock lines can it hold? 


Answer..  Maximum 1,000,000. Lines. Each line can hold up to 1,000,000 stock items.


Question: If stock prices go up, do I have to change them one by one? 


Answer... No. You can increase individual, a range or a whole company stock by any amount and can automatically increase the retail price at the same time.



Question: Will it tell me how much stock I have, how much I have used when I need to place an order for stock & print stock labels?   

Answer.. Yes. And more.



Question: Does it record my salon product usage? 

Answer... Yes. And it reports by any date range you select. Telling you exactly what you have used & how much it has cost you.



Question:  Will it tell me my retail sales profit? 

Answer... Yes. And gives lots of stock reports.



Question: Tell me my most used stock? 

Answer... Yes.



Question: Can it do stock‑takes?

Answer... Yes.



Question: Can it tell me slowest moving lines? 

Answer..  Yes


Question: Can I just enter retail sales? 

Answer...  Yes.



Question: Is there a limit to the number of service types the system can handle? 


Answer.. There are 15 major service headings, you can add up to 999 services under each of the fifteen sections. So a maximum of 14.985 different services if you like.



Question: Can I personalise my service heading the way I want them to suit my salon? 


Answer.. Yes  It is totally up to you how you set up your major 15 service headings. Plus you can have 999 service types under each heading. Please see trial CD for this.



Question: Can I do direct mailing? 

Answer.. Yes.  Many choices, that have been refined over the years. So they work.



Question: Can I be selective when mailing? 


Answer.. Yes. By any number of combinations.  Even down to street name in a selected post code, by females only who have visited your salon a number of times or spent a selected amount of money. ( See main reports menu. Or ask for Trial CD and see all the options for yourself).  



Question:   Do I have to type letters in? 


Answer.. No. The system holds and comes with many different letters on file that can be used as are or you can modify any to suit yourself.



Question: Can I use my own stationery? 

Answer.. Yes.



Question: Do I have to use labels for addressing envelopes  

 Answer.. No. Letters are designed for window envelopes, which save  time and money.



Question: Can I produce labels? 

Answer.. . Yes.



Question: Can I produce Envelopes? 

Answer.. . Yes.



Question: Can I send emails? 

Answer..  Yes.



Question: Can I send SMSes to my clients?  

Answer..  Yes.



Question: Can I exclude clients from Letters, Labels, Envelopes,  SMS, Fax or Email? 

Answer.. . Yes.



Question: Can I bypass clients that I may have sent Emails- SMS Fax to that I wish to send say letters to that do not have the other details? 


Answer..  Yes. System gives you that option in all letters 



Question: Can I find out whether my operators are recommending extra services? 

Answer.. Yes. It will tell you the services and stock recommended.



Question: Does it calculate change to be given like a cash register?

Answer.. Yes.



Question: Can I have a Cash Draw connected to system? 

Answer... Yes. Please check with Salon Potential before purchasing a cash drawer as some do not work , we have found by experience.



Question: Can I have a receipt printer connected to system? 


Answer.. Yes. ( Though I have found very few clients ask for a receipt & if they do the system can produce a receipt from standard printer, saving you money.



Question: Can I use a Bar Code scanner with the system? 


Answer.. Yes. The software is designed to turn your service codes in to bar codes. Or you can use company bar codes or both.



Question: Can I find clients using bar code reader? 

Answer.. Yes the system can produce a bar code label for each client.



Question: Do all my reports have to be printed out? 


Answer.. No. All the reports are designed to be either displayed on the screen or printed whichever you choose.  In the current version reports can be email to home or office. 



Question:  What protection have I got against someone deleting or taking all my client records? 


Answer.. The system is password protected so only those people you give the password to can gain access to important information and you can change it when you need to Example. After holidays etc. Each section has it's own password. Which you can change whenever you wish. Plus each system comes with its own security key. So no one can tamper with or take your valuable client information, when you remove that key. Offers you total security of your salon details.



Question: I’m in another state how to I get support? 


Answer.. I have clients all over Australia and the system is that robust & reliable all problems are sorted out over the phone. We have salons in all states of Australia From Tasmania to Broom and N.Z and USA



Question: Do you offer ongoing support? 

Answer.. Yes we offer a 12 months phone support. See Support Line for full details. The cost for 12 months is $245.00   see support line  for current details & conditions



Question: Do you update and improve the software? 

Answer.. Yes. The cost are for support line members $150.50 for Major Upgrades or $25.00 for mini upgrades. (See support line details on  the web site and these details are on the CD  supplied)  SUPPORTLINE 



Question: If I purchase a computer package from you what support do I receive? 


Answer.. Firstly the computer will be fully set up and tested, with all software loaded and set up for you. Also the computer systems we build come with an optional One, Two Three  year on site warranty covering Computer, Monitor & keyboard. Australia wide on hardware.



Question: Do I need much training? 

Answer.. Actually most users have never been trained and find it very easy to use. Comes with step-by-step instructions on how to set it up and you can call support or email and the question will be answered.



Question:  When I decide to invest in a computer system, how long does it take before it's in my salon? 

Answer.. From license/finance application form around 14 -21 working days, depending on location.



Question:  When I decide to invest just in the software, how long does it take before it's in my salon? 


Answer.. Once payment is received we can activate the trial CD so you can start using it immediately and the security key and documentation is EXPRESS posted to you. Really you start the day payment is received.



Question:  Will the software run on my Win 95 Computer? 

Answer.. Not recommend it - has been known to run under 95. Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 are the recommended operating systems. If you have a 95 system load the demo CD and try it, I believe some salon do run it under Win 95 but I can not promise it.



Question:  Will the software run on my Win 98 Computer? 

Answer.. Yes but we recommend Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10



Question: How much memory does my computer need? 

Answer.. At least 512Meg of RAM the more the better. Recommend 1GB RAM



Question: How much disk space do I need on my computer? 

Answer.. At least 10 -20 Meg or more is required.


(We would recommend you try the trial CD on your computer and see how it works. Some older computers are very slow. Ideally you should try it yourself  and see how it runs on your computer first)



Question: Will the client information Mail Merge with Windows word processors. 

Answer.. Yes. 



Question: Can the software read into stock bar codes & work with a bar code scanner. 

Answer.. Yes.  The system can  convert your STOCK- SERVICES - STAFF and even Client details to bar code for you.


Question: Can I connect cash draw to the software. 

Answer.. Yes.  Please check with Salon Potential as some brands will not work with the software.  Phone support 02 9552 2829 or email



Question: Can the program handles GST. 

Answer.. Yes it calculates GST in daily sales & all related reports show the GST content for you.



Question: Does it do a BAS? 

Answer.. No but it gives you most of the information you need. As I have reports from users that they produce their BAS from Salon Potential.



Question: Does it produce a profit and loss? 

Answer..  No that's up to your accountant or financial software like Quick Books or MYOB. 



Question: Can I produce Graphs from the data on the system. 

Answer.. Yes. (over 30 combinations of graphs cab be produced)



Question: Can I export the Client details in to Word etc? 

Answer.. Yes.  You also from  your export you have options what you wish to export. Example  Clients with email addressers etc







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