Please enjoy the success stories of Salon Potential user's over the years. Some of Australia's top Salons credit Salon Potential as being a key factor in the health of their salon and the  great lifestyle they enjoy as a successful salon owner.
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salon-software the gets results and will not cost you an arm and leg

What Salon Potential Uses Say


Personal Note to You.. ..  What this product will do is help improve and expand your Salon and management abilities, income & profit which is a totally  proven fact.  I have spent years making it a simple tool, to help me and many others achieve their goalsI know it can help you reach your "GOALS" as it has done for all users.



The results I've shown here are from Salon Owners, who made the commitment, and simply were totally surprised at the information and abilities it gave them.

- Read what they say





How would you like to be saying things like this, about YOUR salon?


It's just SO EASY, SIMPLE & COST EFFECTIVE, to get these great results & much more!!  


No mater Small or Large these results are available  to you



Grace Inspirations Qld

Hi Thomas, 

I am finding it fantastic. I have been open in my shop for three weeks now and have been so busy.

The software has made my life so easy. Just loving  it!



Vivian NSW


Hi Thomas,


Salon Potential is one of the best software I’ve ever come across. My home business commenced as a small beauty salon but after a year now I have upgraded the salon & have 2-3 staff working for me.


It’s like a dream come true when I was landed with this software. Never had a major problem, but when I did you were always there to fix it, if not you will get back to me as promptly as possibly.


It is very easy to use, straight forward, efficient & at a reasonable price, can’t complain. Can I just say, I think I have learnt so much from your program that it has enhanced my business cash flow, thus the salon has grown immensely into a profitable & successful business.


I can not thank you enough, especially when I first started; everything just fell into place with all the HELP option but also with your assistance.


Not only am I very impressed but so were my staff & clients. With a computerized system; not only does it look professional but all the stock, client records, marketing & sales were easy to use plus useful on helping to keep my business running smoothly.


Beyond Indulgence would like to thank you for all your assistance, support & patience. It’s been a real pleasure doing business with you. Would absolutely recommend this software to other salon owners; would not look back & can’t think of running the business without it.


Thanks to you & your staff for the great service & fantastic attitude. Looking forward to continuing this great service!!


Kind Regards, Vivian.


Hair Works on Bridge QLD


Thanks for the reminder Thomas. Will stick with Inspirus. We have cut our missed appointments to almost nil since we began sending TXT reminders, as you recommended.

Ta Deb.



Calala Hair Design  - NSW

Hi thomas,    just a quick word, love your software and lap top.
Sharon Carr   


pink ginger hair salon SA

Hello Thomas.  Yes my SMS’s are getting low can I go through you or can I go through Inspirus like last time?


Not sure which way I’m supposed to go, and I will definitely go with gold option.

My clientele love the reminders we send out in regards to their appt's if they don’t receive an sms they will call to find out what time they need to arrive for their appt, so it works well and the clients are used to the system now..



A J’s Nail House SA


Hi Thomas, I owe you an apology. 

When I called up and purchased my software you said I will be sending your free TXT messages in the next week and if you use them, they will more than pay for your system. But what ever you do not use the all at once space them out.  I thought what is this guy on about; he already sold me the system what’s all PR bull about.


I spent the next 2 weeks entering all my client records and decided to use up my free TXT messages.  Thought about what you said and decided to 50 every day or so, just in case you knew something I didn’t.


Wow “YOU WERE SPOT ON” we started getting call’s with in the first 15 minutes with clients taking up the offer and I could not believe it one client had not been in for around 3 years. The other interesting thing was as you told me print out a listing before sending the TXT  as clients come in and do not mention the promotion.

 “RIGHT AGAIN “Most were old or previously lost clients and even some current clients appeared.

“RIGHT AGAIN “In less than 3 months I’ve paid for my system. Thank you so much and I’m sorry I truly did not believe you. I’ve use my mobile for texting for years never had these results, I think it how you set it up as you personalize each one to the client. Amazing  stuff. Thank you AJ ( Can not wait to try your other suggestions). 


Hair Works on Bridge QLD

Hi Thomas

Unfortunately we found we were getting around 4-5 no shows a week so anywhere from $120-$600 per week. Now people get the reminders, it jogs their memory to come or rebook. We would be lucky to get 1 or 2 no shows a week now and they are usually “newbies” we are a bit suss about anyway; you know the ones........



Nurture You Beauty Skin & Body Vic

HI, I am currently using your system and it is awesome.

Lisa Vlacci.


Rockd By Colour Hair Studio Qld

Good morning Thomas,

Everything is going well with the new program. Just got a question?

Can we change the appointment book to 30min spaces as it is a tad confusing?

I can’t wait to get everything up and running. We are using it at the moment, just trying to get appointment book done than we are all done.

Thanks for your help.  Alice




Sailors Bay Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy Salon NSW

To  Thomas, Thanks so much for the programme, it had been so fantastic just what my little business needed. Could you please send me through the cost for tech support, and we can finalise the last payment. Thank you, Brie Peters



Lorraine’s Parlour W.A.

Hi Thomas,

So sorry have not been in touch, so much happening at this moment, but I have now managed to put everything on to the computer.

Thank you looking forward to getting the package up and running it looks really good, the beauty spot in Marlston uses it and is very happy.  Warm regards Lorraine



Elisabeth De Martin Beauty Salon NSW


Hi Thomas, Thanks for your help yesterday. Salon Potential seems to working on my laptop. I still need to re=enter one days worth of transactions. I could not backup. Will call you tomorrow morning for assistance. Will hold off connecting the router until backup has been done. Talk tomorrow

Marlene De Martin

Jeanne Danielle Beauty Salon WA

Hi Thomas.  I will highly recommend Salon Potential, for ease of use & results. I am more than willing to commend your great service to any other interested WA salon owners.  cheers Jeanne



ID Hair Vic

Morning, Thanks for the info – works like a charm. Love the speed in opening and changing salons.  Will get my head around a system for dealing with the Currsal files and then do the upgrade on all salons.

Regards Trish




No probe’s ...just didn’t want to upset u as for the computer illiterate u r a god send.. Relaxing just cracking open the 2nd bottle of wine!! Have a good one!

Seaside Beauty SA


Thanks’ for a fabulous day in Sydney I learned heaps will let you know how I go with the sms thingy! Cheers. M



KD’s Beauty & Nails NSW


Hi Thomas,   Just a short email to say thank you and sorry for my emotional weirdness yesterday.

Thanks to the sms we picked up an extra 6 hours work and I only had enough free time today to send this email.

Thanks for your help and your patients.

Kind regards,  Kathleen & Melissa


Beyond The Cutting Line


SP is working fantastically for me. Thanks for the Easter message idea.



The Body Oasis


Thanks Thomas.

When you're done with the next upgrade version, we'll send you our wish list for the following version...hee hee. Just keeping you on your toes, but your software is going to be even better with all our requests!! Might have to raise the price, just kidding!

Kind regards from The Body Oasis team, Nancy and Donny


Asthetique Skin Care


Hi Thomas,
The SMS worked after I did the update. Fingers crossed it stays that way!
Many Thanks, Shellie Pearson
Asthetique Skin Care  117 Nixon Street  Shepparton  3630


So Hairlicious   Hair Design


Dear Thomas,

I have received the Demo CD, thank-you! In my previous businesses I used Shortcut’s Software, being an old Stefan girl it was the system I knew well, although Shortcuts is a great system it is too expensive and even more expensive today! I am impressed by your system, especially considering the price difference. It pretty much does every-thing Shortcut’s can do, it’s just different and any-thing different takes some getting used to!

Cheers  Michelle Pasqualini


Spa Frangipani South Tweed Heads NSW


From all the staff at Spa Frangipani we would like to say thankyou very much for the Salon Potential Software. It has made life so much easier and whichever staff member is on reception it makes them more efficient, as we no longer have to search through file drawers for client cards. We have all stock information at our fingertips and we can keep a closer watch on what promotions are working and what aren't.

And we would like to say a big thankyou for the Client SMS Messaging service. We have had an overwhelming response from our clients since we signed up. On the first day we used it, for promotional bookings they were all gone within 6 minutes of our VIP clients receiving their message. And every other week the response has been just as good. So again Thankyou very much from all the girls at Spa Frangipani


Sandra’s Country Hair Design Vic


Hi Thomas,

The best ting I ever did when I began my business nearly eight years ago was install and use your program. From day one it has been user friendly. In the beginning a great way to advertise and promote to existing and new clientele, an organised system for chemical histories and client cards. The backup support has been nothing short of excellent. We have never been made feel stupid with our little quires we have, and I guess I just what to say a big thank you, for all the hard work you do to help us improve our business. We really appreciate you and your team.


Sandra Dekkers.


Legends Hairdressing  QLD


Hi Thomas, Sold Gina the 2 Mode shops in Gympie leaving me with 12 of my own plus 2 franchises.- Have your system in 10 of those 12, I must be one of your best customers.

Cheers Zak


Carine Glades Skin and Body Centre 


Hi Thomas,

Just a short line to let you know how extremely happy I have been with your ongoing knowledge towards your data system. I have been with you for quite a few years now. During this time there was a few years that  I did not keep up with the system, but be assured that I know that within all those other competitors out there, you truly are one of the best, the time and effort you put in to your business and your personal repaul to your clients certainly puts you at the forefront of all the others.


I think it has been at least 8 years. Kind Regards,

Lee (Carine Glades Skin and Body Centre) 



Judy's Salon Secrets NSW

HI Thomas,
When Graeme first contacted me I was very skittish about taking on a computer programme as I was used to the old paper system.  Graeme persevered by phoning me, sending me trial CDs and always ringing me.  So I said to him "OK - my brother is high up in the IT industry and so talk to him and if he thinks it's a great idea then I'll get it".   Well Graeme did, and I did.  Once past the initial set-up and getting my head around the concept I haven't looked back.  We love it and I can't believe I wanted to hang on to the old paper thing - especially as our writing was mostly scrawled in our haste and staff couldn't read what was notated on the Client cards.  Thank you Graeme - I really think you're a nice guy.  And thanks for your constant gentle pressure to make me take up this excellent and simple system.
Judy Henry Judy's Salon Secrets Port Macquarie


J&R Hair Design QLD


Hi Tom, Just to let you know that the problem with the e-mails was that the file was to big 203kb.  So my fault.


p.s just thought i would let you know that we just took out the ' Best in the Business' Awards in Mackay and district that are run by the Chamber of Commerce for the Hair And Beauty section - against 37 other hair and beauty salons and also Best small business (20 employees and under).

Still can't wipe the smile off my face!!  Thanks Amanda


Jess Joh Bailey Perth  WA


HI Thomas, It’s Jess here form Perth I spoke to you numerous times on Saturday I am just emailing to say thank you so much for your help! I really appreciated it, it was very nice of you to have helped me when you where in the middle of driving to the other side of Australia! Thankyou so much again and I will speak to you on Tuesday.



Kerry  Podium Hair & Beauty  Townsville Qld.


Dear Thomas, After all that we are not all blondes. The cash draw was faulty. We are waiting for the replacement to come, every thing else is great. The program is excellent. Thanks for all your help and patience.

Will talk again soon .Thanks

Kerrye, Thus




Kim Hamilton Medowie headz up hair and body care NSW


Hi Thomas ,I’m writing to let you know have your programme up and running like a dream, ,we’ve been using it fully for a month now, and very happy with it. I decided to purchase salon potential after comparing it to many other programs that are currently on the market. Personally I found Salon Potential to be the most user friendly, reasonably priced , straight forward, and the help option very time saving for quick advice while in the salon instead of tying up the phone line. I must thankyou for all of your help in getting started , you might find this hard to believe but I am still waiting to hear back from some of your other competitors not very good follow up service unlike yourself, and  I must add our clients are very impressed with the salon being computerised ,it looks a lot more professional then scuffling thru the old client cards. Thanks again  for all of your help.



Jan Leishman          Jan Leishman Hairdressing. Leopold Vic.


Firstly Tom, I have always found your service and that of your staff prompt and impeccable. All my problems have always been solved, I am not good with computers and have always been able to follow your instructions, you have always been very patient with me as I have given you some difficult tasks from time to time. You have listened to my needs and I have found some to be included in your updates and program modifications which has pleased me no end. I find your system easy to use and my staff have no problem following it either. Although I do not use your system to it's fullest potential I find it has streamlined my bookkeeping and eased the burden of the hours it would take without it. In particular my inventory is so easy to follow I am able to leave it to a staff member to operate.


Since embarking into Salon potential about 7 years ago I have had two computer packages through you and have found you have fitted me with the most appropriate components for my needs. Some  20 upgrades and mini upgrades have kept up to date with the salon's needs.

I have been more than satisfied with the service, the system and the backup, and looking forward to continuing with the service. P.S.  Use my letter by all means Tom and refer anyone to me that my wish to discuss the service I have enjoyed for so many years.



The Opposition Hair Co Perth W.A.  Eugene

Hi there Tom

Apart from a few hiccups at the start, the program is definitely an  assert to my business. The appointment system is very easy to use as well is the rest of the salon potential package I have purchased. It looks great and performs really well. If the is a problem I only have to pick up the phone and you are there to answer my questions.

The chicken invader is very addict able!!!!! The jokes are quite good as well.

I would certainly recommend you and have done so on numerous occasions.



Legends Hairdressing Pty Ltd Director Zak Piletic


Hello Tom

Just thanking you for spending the time training Gina, my area manager how to use and get the most out of your Salon Potential Software.

Having 10 salons and over 60 staff it is necessary to have a system which can report and assess how each salon, staff member, retail etc is travelling instantly is a key to running a successful/profitable business.

The support from both yourself and Wayne has been fantastic in helping set up the systems and now run them as efficiently as possible.

Please feel free to let anyone interested in salon Potential call me on 0427 775 887 anytime if they wish.


Ian’s Hairdressing Vic  


"We have been using your computer software since the 1980’s.

Since that time we have certainly see “Salon Potential” evolve with regular and constant advancements. You are always happy to receive “wish lists” from your clients and it is always pleasing to receive an upgrade that can include these requests.


As we are a multiple Salon Group we have, from time to time, “special” requests, the guys at Salon Potential are always there to lend a hand and to develop the program to incorporate these special needs for us. Tom is happy to “walk us through” over the phone to implement changes and this often done after hours so as not to disrupt the salons. We currently have Salon Potential running in five salons as well as Administration.


Patricia Hodge 



Jodie Daniel Beauty in Style Vic


I have been a user of Salon Potential for around 6 years and I am extremely happy with it. 


I was initially attracted to the system as it was not ridiculously priced like some other systems, and you were so helpful and friendly.  I took up the “phone support” offer and it was great to know that you were always available to help me with the most stupid questions I could find.


Over the years I have had very little trouble with the running of the system.  Any problems have been caused by my computer or operator use.  And a quick phone call to you has always rectified any issues. 


I have also enjoyed the updates that are easy to load up.  It’s great that you guys listen to the users and are continually keeping up with the demands of a growing salon.  I am getting ready to send all my marketing by email.  Although the letters that I have sent out (by snail mail) over the years have been incredibly successful… it will save me time and money to send newsletters, birthday letter and special offers by email. 


I am so happy that I took on your system.  Without it, I am sure my salon would be struggling.   Your service has been wonderful; and the system has been reliable and updated to keep up with technology and salon growth.  I would recommend Salon Potential to any salon – big or small.  I have never regretted my purchase for one second.  I can’t imagine my business without it.


Keep up the good work Tom!





I  just thought I would write a few lines to say “A BIGTHANK YOU” for all the help you have given me while I have been using Salon Potential in my salon. I have been using your program for about 5 years and in that time  you have always been very helpful when we have a problem.  I am no computer wizard but you always explain in easy to understand language how to fix things. You were even available at 9:30 one hight to help us. “ SO AGAIN A BIG THANK YOU



Enzo Evolve Hair Studio NSW.


Whenever I have had a problem with software or hardware each and every time I have called the phone has been answered by yourself. When I have called outside normal hours, I have left a message which has been promptly returned the following day at the absolute latest.


With regard to your software it has been easy to use. The upgrades have all been positive with useful new attributes for this modern market that exists today. The marketing, client records and stock section are again easy to understand, easy to use and very useful on helping keep your pulse on the business.


Thanks Tom.



Boomerang Hairdressing Dee Why Khanh.


The program you provided me is very helpful to our work. Thank you. Currently running the original version 10.4-2 and very happy with it and think I’ll say with this version as it just does all I need.


Clare Hair & Beauty Studio


Thank you very much for the wonderful service and support I have received from you this past three years it certainly helps (as not being a hairdresser myself) when you have people and business like yours with all the know how, support, knowledge and expertise. I really appreciated it.


Peaches Hair Care NSW


Thank you for the wonderful service & teaching me about the computer. I couldn’t of learnt with out your team support. Lyn..



Clipper Classics.  Vic.


I am very happy with the program I’m using in my barber shop. I appreciate how it really gives an advantage in business. Even though I only use the program in a limited sense, I can see the potential to really give an edge to any salon or barber shop.


Sandra’s Vic.


Just a quick Letter. In case you’re wondering business is booming. Averaging 30 new clients a month & regulars are staying regular. All I know is that we can’t keep up and the only advertising we use is your program. So a big thanks.


Styles NSW


“Thank you very much for your reply.  The first thing I have to say is that I have never had a reply to a concern on software (or hardware for that matter) so promptly. My previous experiences have been more in line of "we've got your money stop asking us questions”


Hair Works on Bridge  Qld.,


Love the programme and are finding life a lot easier. Thanks Deb.


I looked at many software programmes before I chose Salon Potential (SP). It does everything the more expensive systems do without the high price. Thomas has been great helping me get started, being a hairdresser himself, he understood what I was talking about and didn’t waffle on in tech talk.

I  rang for help setting up my printer and cash drawer, Thomas was away, but the technician that answered was great, he talked me through each step and even rang me back to check it was working okay.


I have never had any trouble getting through to Thomas for help and he knows his product so well, he has ALWAYS been able to sort the problem out over the phone.  I have a staff that ranges in age from 15  to 50, with varying computer skills from excellent, to “what’s that button for”? and they are all able to use SP with ease. We have only had the system 3 months and I would be lost without it now.


Julie W.A...


A short note of thanks for all your assistance. Everything is progressing well and I'm really happy with the results.  A recent promotion I ran was when a salon Manager left the Salon to work at a near by Salon. At the press of a button I was able to write to all her clients, informing them of the change. Already have had a return rate of 30%. I have had clients phoning me and thanking me for the letter. I am sure the return rate will be 65%


Amiche’s Hair Salon Qld.  


I would just like to say that I have found Salon Potential to provide both a good program at a very reasonable cost and very good after hours backup. They are reliable and helpful in every respect. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any new or veteran hair salon owner.  Michele Perkins (Owner)


Deb.  NSW


Just a few lines to let you know how thrilled I am with the system. Well where do I start? Firstly the number of NEW CLIENTS has tripled in the last 5 months. This has been mainly due I feel to word of mouth from other clients who have received my letters.  Also my income is up at least 30% this last 5 months compared to the previous 5 months before the system was installed. I have no doubt at all that I have made the right choice.



Kieran Qld 


" Hi, I thought you might like to know that we have had at least a 30% increase in turn over since July and it even got as high as 54% in December.


Clipso Hair and Beauty SA.


We have had your program for several years now and have had no problems ever finding help when we have needed it. I have used another salon program and one at Tafe I was attending and found Salon Potential to be much  more user friendly and easier to follow.  So please  continue with your excellent service and support.

Thank you Sarah Hamenett.


Krista NSW.


"Your ideas have widened my imagination and I have done super promotions, which are every, very successful." Thank you very much.

"By the way the most success we have is with Birthday letters on average we have an 80% return.


Peter   Vic


We used the "THANK YOU" letter head paper and wrote a letter to these 350 clients. The results have been staggering". In two weeks we have had 67 letters come in. From this we delivered 132 services & sold 43 retail items.


 Cut Above Qld.


"How good are your mailing options???? I recently did some calculations on the results of just mailing to New Clients &Birthday clients. Would you believe that 22% of our turnover came from just 0.5% of our turnover's expenditure in postage? "


Sam Vic.


Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Just as you   predicted. The thank you letter to New Clients has been phenomenal 98% return.  What more can I say but outstanding


Helen W.A.


"We have found that the stock system has saved us multitude of time and worry. It is a very accurate and easy way of controlling our stock. The reports are fantastic.


Indulgence NSW


"I would like to sincerely thankyou for your constant patience & help when I first acquired the software. I am extremely happy with the package and my staff and I have found it very easy to use. I would happy and willingly recommend Salon Potential to any other salon owner. Congratulations on an excellent program.


Peter. S.A.


"Just a quick line to thank you for the great promotion idea in the last news letter. Also to keep you informed about our INDULGE promotion we posted out 3,200 and figured on about 200 packs being given away before we ran out. We have reached that figure with still 5 weeks to go.  By the way our average client bill is $53.45. Who said promotion has to lower you average client spending".


Nova Qld.


I have not yet sent a lot of letters out, but the few I have, have been GREAT. Thank You.


Shelia’s Vic.


"Thank you for the help in setting up the system some six months ago. Conservative estimate with the computer operating, in that time, I would say trade has increased some 30 to 40 percent".


P.R's Vic.


"As you have been following our Business Achievers Award Promotion from the start I thought you would be interested in the results.  We posted out some 334 letters and on a physical count had 213 returned, this is a 64% Return.


Julie  W.A


When I purchased the system I knew zero about computers and in fact to be honest was scared I'd not be able to use it. I was trained in less than a day and found the training excellent. Now I'm an expert. I'm amazed at how much information I get from the statistics reports section.


 Helen’s Vic


“Just a quick note to let you know everything is going OK with the system. Things are quiet that's for sure but we are getting responses from our letters.  It’s quite amazing the amount of New Clients we are getting in from others getting our letters.



J.H. Smith  W.A. 


"I would just like to thanks & inform you that when you put your System in my Salon we were only doing $1,800 a week due to staff problems. In just twelve months that is now $3,200.00 Thank you


 Matters. Qld.


Thank you for all your correspondence over the past year in regarding to my computer system. Your efforts have been of GREAT HELP to my business.



J.D. Vic. 


There are lots of systems out there.  Some look very impressive and try to sell the “image”.  But you want a computer system that does the job.  That is easy to use.  And will not take you 10 years to pay off!!  Salon Potential is just that system.  Sure, there’s no fancy graphics and photographs of your staff… but the clients aren’t looking at the system and you know what your staff look like! 



Peter. S.A.


After expanding our operation from one to four salons, we suddenly realised that we simply couldn't be in four places at once. Things finally came to a head when three staff left all at once. On looking back at this time period we lost 15, to 20,000 in six months. Just recently the same or similar things happened and guess what we lost so little it amazed me.


Clipso S.A.   


Thank you for all your support over the last five years. Your ideas and motivation has been much appreciated & of great value.



K. G. Vic.


Thank You for your continuos correspondence & support.  Some computer companies say got your money, now we don’t wish to hear from you.  You have been extremely helpful, even very late at night when in fact it was nothing too actually do with anything you supplied.



The Diplomat Qld.


Thank You, we are very happy with your software therefore only to happy to recommend it.


S. D.  Vic.  


"Thanks again for all the fantastic work you guys do. Nothing short of brilliant.


Steve   Vic.  


"Most successful letter is our birthday letter using the CHECK THIS OUT letter head. On average, we post out some 50 to 55letters a week, of which 68% come back. Some of them literally with tears in their eyes saying: "Nothing like this ever happened to me by my hairdresser before".


Julie W.A.


I am now receiving a great response to my mail outs, and many positive comments from clients, from new and existing clients. We were already using the Schwarzkopf Management system in our Salon, but since using your docket system it has streamlined this and the statistics we now use have been the building point in knowing exactly what is happening at all times. So as you can see the benefits are great, and the system has been the best asset I have ever had in building my Salon.


Beauty In Style Vic


As a salon owner myself, I know how precious your time can be.  And as a user of Salon Potential I know how much time it saves me (bookwork, stock records.)  And how much my business has increased by personalized marketing.  On top of that, the system produces statistics on your staff and salon performance that would be impossible to work out manually.


J.D. Vic


You are such a legend!!!!   How else would work all over the weekend.


I had received the zipped file at my home computer, so I emailed it to work. 

Then I had to get it off my work computer & onto the work laptop, so I used the USB gadget.

Then I unzipped the files (which I'm proud I did all by myself!!!)

AND IT WORKED !!!!!  all the incomes are correct.


But typically, the printer has run out of ink!  So I have to get my spare cartridge from home & bring it in.  But that is the least of the problems.  Due to your efficient service and intelligence,  this little problem has not even disrupted the salon work.  It was loaded up & restored before the girls even got to work today.


I cannot thank you enough Thomas.  You are fantastic. Jodie


Your beauty, laser & spa - Portland   Vic Chris


Dear Thomas,

We are very pleased with our new programs, our staff of eight have found  it easy to use and when we have had questions they have been promptly answered.  It is comprehensive and at a realistic price for a small business.


Hair Romace NSW Julia Bradley


Hey Thomas,

Just to let you know I have paid for the new upgrade, I have also paid the bar scanner the same way. Its working really well should have got one sooner.

Many thanks Julia  



The Body Oasis NSW


Thomas!  You are a bloody champ!!!     Thanks so much the printer is working a treat! (just the back-up to sort now?)

 Have a fab weekend



A Lotus Care Health & Beauty  NSW


(TXT)_  U r smart. I like ur program. Cool is fun to be able  to do exactly what I need & find what I need to know. Thnx.


Beyond The Cutting Line ACT


Hi Thomas,  thankyou for such prompt service. I received the watch today

Jennie Leemhuis




These are only a few extracts from hundreds of letters/emails I have received from users.



I’m continually working to make it happen for “YOU”

Thomas Phillips. Hairdresser & Designer of Salon Potential  



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